DAP and PAP: Two sides of the same corrupt coin

In a previous blog post, I mentioned DAP’s tendency to trash Malaysia’s so-called corrupt and ill managed state own corporations, citing in particular 1MDB, and extol Singapore as the quintessential example of clean and accountable corporate governance, an oft repeated faux analysis motivated not by an honest appraisal of facts but rather DAP’s own familial ties to Singapore’s ruling PAP, and also as a smokescreen to distract from its own weak and opaque corporate dealings in Penang.

In response, some idiot smart alecs on social media have criticised my blog posts, asking why I care so much about Singapore. Actually, I don’t. I couldn’t give two hoots what Singapore does, it is not my country.

FB Comment on Singapore
Moron asks the obvious on why a comparison with Singapore is made, gets slapped with answer

But you morons just love to parrot DAP’s hypocritical position on Singapore, thus mirroring its hypocrisy. Really, you Dapsters are nothing but hypocrites and a menace to society.

And of course, your own party, DAP, is the king of hypocrisy. And I am not just talking about how it has chosen to respond to Kamarul Zaman Yusoff’s criticism of the party’s providing support and a platform for Christian extremist evangalistas like Hannah Yeoh to preach the Bible via her position as Selangor State Legislative Assembly Speaker, a fact derived from her biography, Becoming Hannah, which your types ignore in favour of spreading and believing false and malicious allegations against Kamarul Yusoff.

Tony Pua
Tony Pua likes to sound smart by asking the government to be accountable over use of state funds while turning a blind eye to his party’s raison d’etre down south

In January 2016, DAP’s Tony Pua asked Prime Minister Najib Razak to explain how 1MDB was saved without recourse to public funds (you know, just like he asked the same question on the recent Proton-Geely deal now, only to be answered as well as rebuked by Lim Sian See). Meanwhile in DAP’s paradise on earth located just south of the causeway, the PAP government won’t even properly answer allegations of use of CPF money to bail out a failed investment in UBS by GIC, which is basically the Singaporean version of 1MDB. Singapore’s opposition SDP has repeatedly been calling for an enquiry, but these have been simply ignored and unreported by the state controlled media.


What is particularly mind boggling is the fact that such losses are seemingly tolerated by the Singaporean public, while we Malaysians itch to demonstrate over every single sen that goes unaccounted for, before we even know the full story, much less understand what is going on. Singapore’s Temasek might even have lost billions speculating in Pakistan based NIB Bank, but not only does the island republic’s media totally ignore the issue, but their public seem blissfully unaware, and are happy to remain that way. Wow.

No wonder Singapore’s economic is heeded for an Iceland style financial meltdown. Its own people don’t seem to mind that their government is misusing their own funds for market speculation which amounts to outright gambling.

Could it be the influence of having two huge casinos in such a tiny city-state? Who knows.

Meanwhile, DAP goes ballistic over 1MDB and make all sorts of unfounded allegations regarding that fund. What gives? Why this hypocrisy?

Doesn’t truth matter? Is competency, accountabilility and transparancy real or a mere soundbite?

Judging by DAP’s Lim Guan Eng’s decision to sell state land at Peel Avenue and Bayan Mutiara in Penang without calling for an open tender, it seems the Chief Minister has decided to bin these after being done with using them as a means of garnering political support.

It doesn’t matter that MCA and Gerakan have both questioned Lim’s lack of adherence to his own principles. They’re not the government in Penang any longer. DAP is in charge in Penang now. So the need for false soundbites to gain support is no longer pressing there.

What DAP does not have hold of yet, however, is our federal government. And considering that DAP, like its parent, the PAP, is not so competent after all, the need to decieve and be hypocrical continues.

If not, then how to get support and win elections, right?


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